Work profile

Let me talk you about me...

I am a person with strong computer skills, I use programming as the tool that allows me to automate repetitive tasks and focus on the things that really matter. I make decisions based on the data, the advance analysis of the information is crucial to generate value in the projects in which I get involved. The path of education that I have had over the past few years has made me a person passionate about knowledge, I seek to learn something new every day, never stopping learning became a lifestyle for me.


Data Science & Machine Learning Lover

"Without data you're just another person with an opinion" - W. Edwars Deming

I've been studying for become a Data Scientist for almost two years now. In that time I've learn about python programming language as the main tool for do data science.Python libraries as pandas, numpy, seaborn,dash,scikit-learn,fastai and many more have become indispensable tools to obtain efficient results in every project I get envolved.


DS4A Program

Student for the DS4A Colombia program

I was selected over 10.000+ applicants to participate on the Data Science for All Colombia program hosted by Correlation One and MinTic.


Professional experience

Education and training - Organización Corona

I had the oportunity to work in the education and training pillar at Organización Corona, there I was able to improve my comunication skills with every person that was involved in the sanitary ware manufacturing process and also improve my analytical skills by participaring in a waste reduction project.



I like to do different things in my free time...


I have played soccer since I was a child. It's my favorite sport.


Thinking about how small we are in the Universe give me goosebumps.


I find programming very fun. Eat,sleep,code,repeat.


We all need to take a break from our tasks,breathe. Live in the Here & Now.


I've been always fan of the video games. All the code behind them is awesome.


Usually I read about anything that helps me to open my mind. See beyond.